Custom Carpentry With Help From Robots

by We Ja Chang
(Eyewitness News)

Robots Replace Carpenters

Robots Replace Carpenters

I have done some custom carpentry in the past throughout my career as a carpenter. Working with robots is something that I am actually very familiar with. There is huge machinary that already exists that can cut construction material such as wood formica, particle board, and other types of material by typing in the measurements and the Machine does the rest. It cuts with precision very little room for error.

Although robots will be taking over many jobs in the future. I am almost certain that there are some things that robots will not accomplish in my lifetime. They will not conquer carpentry. Construction, major construction of any type, we do use machines to do our bidding.

Carpenters and other Tradesmen in the work field, while working, readjustments or recalculations have to be made according to the different environmental changes and aspects of our trade.

Unless robots will have become smarter than humans not just intellectually, but also physically the Carpenters position will remain secure for a very long time pertaining to carpentry work and establishing a carpentry career

As you may know carpentry is not just a job or a title. It is also a hobby and an art all at the same time.

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