Custom Carpentry

Custom carpentry is greatly admired when it is completed. Don’t be afraid to bring your carpentry ideas into reality. The average person speaks about there ideas but never puts them into action. It is a carpenter’s duty to be creative and sometimes customizing his work in order for the work to be acceptable to him or the people he is working for.

Doing custom work in carpentry can be rewarding to the carpenter and the person the carpenter is working for as well. There was a time when a customer asked for me to build a cloths hamper in there room were they would be able to throw cloths in easily. The customer drew the plans up and asked for me to create it. Make a long story short the customer was pleased when they saw the project t is the only clothes hamper that is designed like there’s they were very pleased and I was as well.

Another example is when a customers fire place was next to there stove they decided they wanted there fire place to be made into a place were they want to put their herbs and spices. I designed it just the way they asked and they were very pleased

I love doing custom and creative carpentry it is exciting because I get to create what a particular person wants and bring it into reality

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