Door Installation and Inspecting Tips

by Mr. Doorman

Door installation and inspecting tips; The following is a list of things to look for when installing or inspecting a contractor's or carpenters job of installing doors.

Make sure all doors are the correct type and match the trim work and, if possible, match the cabinets and vanities.

Most doors should open into a smaller room, such as a bedroom or bathroom, from the larger room or hallway. (Except closets)From inside the smaller room check to see that the gap between the door and jamb is equal all the way around.

Door stops should be set so that the door closes snugly, but easily. The door should swing freely and quietly. The door should stay open at any angle without falling closed or open. The bottom of the door should be cut for a high enough clearance to pass easily over carpet or file. To test this in a home without carpet, take a scrap of carpet and put in front of the door, then open it.
Door knobs, latches and hinges should work easily and look good. Latches should align with latch plates.
Door trim should be installed uniformly around the door jamb. Corner milers at the top corners should fit well. The nails should be countersunk and filled and there should be no hammer dents or splits.

On exterior doors, thresholds should be installed properly and adjusted so that they keep out wind and dust, but the doors open easily. All outside doors should be weather stripped! Before the inside molding is attached. The gaps between the exterior door jamb and the framing lumber should be filled or caulked.

The joint of brick molding on the outside of the door where it meets the siding should be caulked. All exterior doors should lock and almost all of them should be keyed. (Sliding glass doors are the exception because the auxiliary locks prevent many of them from opening with a key anyway.) All exterior doors should have deadbolt locks besides door knob locks for security. Each lock should be keyed alike so one key fits all. Thanks for reading this page on door installation and inspecting tips. More information will be coming in the near future.

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