Door Knob Tips

by Don Williams

Few door knob tips for people that are having trouble with their door knobs.Door knobs have an annoying way of coming loose, making it difficult and sometimes impossible to open doors. To remedy the condition, first look for a little screw on the neck (the narrow part) of the doorknob. Using a screwdriver, turn the little screw two or three full turns to the left to loosen it. Have someone hold the knob on the other side of the door so it can't move (or hold it yourself) and turn the knob on your side all the way to the right, pushing it forward as you do, until the front of the neck contacts the plate on the door.

This may require a little muscle. When the neck is snug against the plate, turn the knob back and forth to see how it works. If it's too tight (the latch won't come out after going in), turn the knob to your left about a quarter turn to loosen it. Then tighten up the little screw. That's it. For those door knob tips!

Cabinet Door Won't Shut

Many cabinet doors have two parts: a prong-like affair on the door and the part on the shelf that the prong fits into when you close the door. When the door doesn't shut, it's because repeated door closings have knocked the shelf part (the catch) out of line and the prong isn't fitting into it. To get the door to shut properly, all you have to do is reposition the shelf part. On close inspection, you'll see that it's held on by two screws that go through a slot (rather than a hole). Loosen each of the screws a half turn to the left so you can slide the catch forward. As you do, straighten it out. Try the door. Does it stay closed? No? Then reposition the catch until it does. Then tighten up the screws.

To prevent a recurrence, drive another little screw against the back of the slot. To make a cabinet door shut properly, loosen the screws holding the spring catch and reposition the catch so the strike on the door goes into it properly.Thanks for reading this page on door knob tips.

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