Door Tips and Basic Carpentry Advice

by Jerome Banks

Door Tips and Basic Carpentry Advice; Although it is the windows of a house that create the pattern of the facade, it is the front door that provides its focus. The grander the house, the more emphasis is placed on the entrance, with elaborate detailing, pediments, porches and columns. It should always be immediately obvious where the entrance is, even if it's at the side of the house; then, the path leading to it should make its position evident.

If all the external doors are painted the same colour, the impact of the front door will be lost, especially when a bright or strong colour is used. Garage doors are a particular problem since they are large and so tend to dominate a facade; as with other service doors, these are better painted to blend in with the wall colour, while glazed garden doors and French windows should match the window frames. But before you get as far as painting, make sure the existing doors are the right ones for the house (see ARCHITECTURAL CHARACTER).

It is just as important to fit the appropriate door furniture — hinges, locks, handles and so on — carefully placing it on the axis of the framing members to create a comfortable symmetry. Unless the door is made from wood that can stand weathering — oak, elm or teak, for example — or is protected by a fairly deep porch, it is better painted or stained rather than varnished. The door and its frame should be painted the same colour only when white is used and the window frames are white too.

Paint the door frames to match window frames, with the door a contrasting colour, otherwise the effect is of a dead void with none of the modelling and detail of the opening expressed. And relate the colours to those of the surrounding walls: cool against warm is a good general principle - but, as always, some 'outrageous' exceptions can look wonderful. Thanks for reading door tips and basic carpentry advice for carpenters

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