A carpentry picture of a room before it was sheetrocked

Here is some drywaller or sheetrocking tips that will help beginning and advanced carpenters install gypsum board efficiently and productively. This page is designed to help out the carpenters and handyman and women who would like to learn how to sheetrock in a great way.

The Basic Steps When Sheetrocking A Framed Wall:

The tools needed is a level, tape measure, screw gun, and a utility knife. First stand up the sheetrock vertically put it on the center of the stud. After the board is on the center of the stud the installer must check to make sure the drywall is level. Put the level on the edge of the drywall once the bubble is in the center of the two lines on the level the installer can now put a screw in the board.

After the sheetrock has a few screws in it check it again to make sure that it is level. If it is then it is level screw the board off but do not screw the edges of the board yet. Once this step is complete the rest of the work is easy just butt the next board to the one that is installed and start screwing the center and then the edges. All screws in the drywall should be around eight inches apart.

Any carpenter that can put up a 100 boards of sheetrock in a 8 hour day is what I call a powerrocker. One of the benefits that a powerrocker has is bragging rights. Because even some of the best master carpenters in carpentry can not put up a 100 boards of sheetrock in a day. Carpenters who can install sheeterock in this manner usually do not have a hard time keeping a job.

A carpentry pic after the room was sheetrocked

Installing Drywall Tips

The Pros always has a comfortable number of screws in your hand with the points faceing the sheetrock this will help put the screws in faster and build a momentum while screwing off the sheetrock. If a lot of work has to be done I recommend using a screw gun with a cone on it the cone is used to sink the screws to the correct depth.

The secret to being a productive gypsum board installer when having a partner is building a rhythm and momentum while installing screws also both carpenter should work as team and build a routine. For example one person focuses on putting in the screw while the other carpenter stands up the boards.

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