Electric Screwdrivers Tips

by Larry Tate
(New York)

Electric screwdriver tips;there are more power tools, stationary as well as portable, "than meet the eye". Beyond the assortment that is considered basic for most shops, there are tools that are used infrequently. This is a general statement and will be opposed by those who use a particular tool which they consider a necessity. It certainly doesn't apply to the electric screwdriver or electric stapling gun, tools whose current popularity is justified. All tools should be considered in the light of your personal needs, and this applies to fundamental equipment as well as borderline tools. The person who is distraught when not playing golf, but might have use for a portable saw once or twice a year, might be better off renting instead of buying one.

The following illustrations show some tools that were not covered in previous chapters, but which are practical and can be considered as permanent acquisitions, or tools to rent when needed.

Electric Screwdrivers Electric screwdrivers are essentially a low speed, high-torque tool. They are available in cordless models. which makes them convenient to use anywhere, or as conventional plug-in units. All can be used with slotted or Phillips type bits, and are reversible so screws can be removed as well as driven. Some are more powerful, and the clue is what can be gripped in the chuck. A tool with a chuck has to have more horsepower than one with a 1/4" chuck. A built-in clutch is a good feature since it causes the driver to slip once the screw is "home-. This prevents damage to the screw or work surface since the bit will not slip off the screw head. The clutches on some units can be set to provide the correct torque for the fastener being used. Check to see if accessories that can be used to drive or remove nuts and bolts, as well as screws, are available.

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