Entertainer Wants To Be Carpenter

by Jereme Green
(Plainfield NJ)

Hollywood star wants to be a carpenter hello everyone out there in CarpentryPages world this is the one and only Jereme Green I'm going to be making a few pages in the next couple of months so stay tuned for a great information so here is a very interesting story about a young man he looks like he's in his mid twenties soon-to-be thirties and I believe this story comes out of Bangladesh.

Here is a young man that is an actor his name is Shajal and when he had the chance to play a role as a carpenter he was very excited about it. In the article he said and I quote I wanted to be a carpenter when I was young one time Carpenters came to my make a door for our house and I was fascinated by the work they did it still makes me laugh and the person asked him have you ever played the role of a carpenter on TV shows yell said I did actually after playing the role I felt that in a way my childhood Dream came true.

I found it very amusing that actor had a chance to play a role that some of us live on a daily basis. And when he played that role it was a fulfillment this life on meaningful purpose if you will.

Which brings me to a very good point I believe we all should be very grateful for Who We Are. And always strive to better for ourselves and in our craft as Carpenters.

Some carpentry work can feel tedious while others may feel like it's very hard work from trim to working on Bridges Carpenters today and tomorrow will continue to build not only in this country the United States of America but also around the world. So Carpenters keep on building. Enjoy Who You Are because remember there is someone out there that "wants to be just like you" this is Jereme Green signing off I'll see you on the next one peace.

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