Estimating Carpentry Work

Estimating carpentry work can be very tuff. Throughout my years in carpentry I have made plenty mistakes trying to estimate carpentry jobs correctly and have failed again and again. There was times that I loss a lot of money because of estimating the job very poorly

For example I live in New Jersey a friend ask me to go to New York to install a door. So I did without discussing the price. I didn’t even look at the market to see what people were charging for installing doors. To make a long story short at the end of the day I traveled 2 hours and worked for 4 hours and only made $ 75.00.

I know what you are thinking how is that possible. I’m glad you ask, I made the number one mistake that no carpenter should ever make and that is do not tell your client “just pay me with whatever you got” unless you want to work for peanuts like I did you may not want to do that. And to this day I blame myself for not being more prepared and professional.

Fortunately I learned from my mistakes, it might seem like I graduated from the school of hard knocks, which I did but I truly did learn a lot. I learned that there are two parts in carpentry there is the construction part, were carpenters basically do carpentry work and there is the business part were the carpenter has to now become a project manager.

In managing carpentry projects there are a few things that has to be done accurately in order to estimate the job correctly; labor hours, the cost of materials, how are you going to charge. Once you know these things the rest could be down hill. But sometimes its not all in all I still love carpentry I never gave up and now I estimate carpentry jobs more accurately

Carpentry business tips that can keep you estimating carpentry work accuratly

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