Finish Floor Tips

by Gwen Locklier
(North Carolina)

Finish Floor Tips; A new floor finish will last a long time and so will any blemishes that are visible beneath it. Before you seal a floor, check it for stains that were not removed by sanding.

If you cannot remove them by hand-sanding, use undiluted household bleach. Wearing gloves and goggles. apply a small amount of bleach to the center of the stain. Wait a few minutes to see how much the bleach lightens the spot, and then apply enough to blend the stained area with the rest of the floor. When you get the right tone, wash the bleached area with warm water and let it dry.

Then vacuum the floor and go over it with a tack cloth, a rag moistened with turpentine and varnish, to pick up all dust before applying the sealer. To emphasize and protect the grain of the wood, use an oil-based penetrating sealer. Such sealers come in both natural wood hues and a clear, colorless form, and unlike conventional wood stains, they sink deep below the surface and cannot he scuffed or walked off.

Some, known as pickling stains, are tinted with pigments that give a floor an arbitrary color blue or green, for instance but accentuate the grain so that the floor retains the look of wood. When a penetrating sealer has sunk into the wood, any excess remaining on the surface must be wiped off promptly before it dries. One person can apply the sealer and mop it up, but two workers make the job faster and easier (right, top).

For a pickling stain, two workers are essential to prevent discolorations from the uneven drying of excess sealer. For a final but optional protective glaze over the sealer, select a finish made with polyurethane, a synthetic resin that becomes exceptionally tough as it cures or hardens. Older finishes—varnish, shellac, lacquer and wax yellow with age, wear easily and must be completely removed when a floor needs refinishing; a polyurethane finish is non-yellowing and far more durable.

And, if it is never waxed, it can be renewed by running a polisher loaded with steel wool over the floor and adding a coat of finish.Thanks for reading this page on finish floor tips

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