Fixing Squeaky Stairs and Carpet Tips

by Geronimo
( Oklahoma)

Squeaky Stairs Stairs squeak because the tread, the part you step on, is loose and when pressed down rubs against the board called a riser that supports it. The repair is the same, essentially, as for a loose floor-board. Have an adult stand on the loose tread to bring it into close contact with the riser. Drive nails through the tread into the riser, following the accompanying sketch for position of nails. You can tell that the nail is going into the riser if you encounter resistance. If the nail suddenly gets easy to drive, you know you've missed it. Drive the nails even with the tread surface. To hide the holes, tap the nails a little (a sixteenth of an inch) be-low the surface, using a nailset. Then fill the little holes with wood putty the color of the tread wood. If the tread is covered by carpeting, you needn't drive the nails below the surface. In fact, if appearance isn't important you can completely forget this step (no pun intended).

Carpet Spots and Stains High on the list of household traumas is a stained car-pet. But the spot can usually be removed by the nonprofessional. If you don't know what the stain is from, gently blot on a nonflammable dry-cleaning fluid, working from the stain edges toward the center. If this works, dry the carpet quickly and thoroughly by blowing air on the wet area with a vacuum cleaner hose or electric fan. If you can lift the carpet off the floor, this will help drying. if the, dry cleaner doesn't remove the stain, use a clean cloth and blot on a carpet-cleaning detergent. Every no and then, blot up excess fluid with a dry rag. The wetter you get the carpet, the harder it is to dry. Dry the area again and check. If some stain still remains, use the dry cleaner or detergent again, whichever worked best the first time.

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