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Framing carpentry is one of the most important parts in carpentry training because without the frame you have nothing. Without proper framing there will be unsafe wall stairs etc. Common materials in framing carpentry are wood and metal. Houses and condos are usually framed out of wood. But Commercial buildings are normally framed out with metal.

Framing a wall with metal studs seems to be the most popular and convenient way to frame. In carpentry metal studs and tracks come in many different sizes and gauges meaning thick nesses. Metal 3 1/2 studs and tracks are the most commonly used studs today because of their simplicity and strength. They can be cut with snips or sheers they also can be cut with a chop saw with a metal cutting blade. The chop saw speeds up production because it is capable of cutting 6 to 8 studs at a time.

The above picture is one of many walls that I Jereme Green have framed in framing carpentry at Kean College.

I am going to give you basic information on how to build a wall made of 3 1/2 inch metal studs and track.

Step1. Mark on the floor were your wall is going to go you may need a chalk box so you can snap a line across the floor.

Step2 Transfer your marks that are on the floor to the ceiling using a laser

Step3. Cut your top track at the size that you need you can cut the track with a chop saw or snips

Step4. Screw or shoot the top track in place were you marked it

Step5. Cut the size that you need for your bottom track then screw it or shoot it in place

Step6. Put your tape measure along the outside of track with the tip of the tape starting at the beginning of the wall. Pull your tape measure out as far as you can go and start marking 16 inches on the bottom track.

Step7. Measure from the floor to the top of the ceiling and deduct a 1/2-inch and that is the size of your stud. And cut that stud

Step8. Put you first stud on the 16 inch mark the mark should be in the middle of the stud.

Step9. Plumb up your stud using a level or a plumb laser. I recommend the laser because it is more accurate. The way you plumb it with the laser is, put the laser on the floor against the stud with the laser pointing to the ceiling measure the distance between the stud and the laser near the floor then make the stud the same distance on the top as it was on the bottom near the floor. Clamp the top of the stud and screw it in place.

Step10. Now you have a plumb mark for the top of the stud so now you can pull your 16-inch layout on the top track.

Step11. Once that is done cut the rest of your studs and put them in place. Once they are in place screw them. Once you are done check your work. Once you have learned in framing carpentry how to frame a wall everything else will fall into place.

It takes good carpentry training to master the art of framing.

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