Girl Scouts Learn Carpentry Skills

by Jereme Green
(Plainfield New Jersey)

Girl Scouts learn carpentry skills in St.Paul. I got this article from CBS in Minnesota it says that about a hundred girls showed up at the Twin Cities Carpenter Training Center in St.Paul Saturday.

25 female Carpenters from the North Center States Regional Council of Carpenters hosted the event. Barb Peck's is a carpenter and on the council.
It seems this modeling of mentorship is sticking one of the girls said we just screwed and some Nails over there and pounded them in I like doing this it's like really fun.

Maybe in about 10 to 15 years from now they may look back on this day and remember it in perhaps decide to work on other carpentry projects and know that women can do anything.

This is a really nice article and I believe that we need more people out there that are willing to go to certain schools and organizations and teach carpentry because it's always good to have a trade that you can rely on at least that's what I was told when I was young

I have met a lot of people through out the years, and not all of them started out as a carpenter some may have been stock Brokers police officers lawyers doctors but at the end of the day a lot of people just want to work with her hands and build some awesome carpentry projects this is jereme green coming to you again with another carpentry page. Stay tuned for more at

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