Hamdan Carpentry, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

by Hamad Haji
(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

My name is Hamad. I am 36-year-old male, born here in Dubai originally from Pakistan.

My Brother runs carpentry here in Dubai and he is in this business from 1990. I work in Police; yes I am a policeman I work from morning 7:30am till 2:30pm. After that I am free. I really love to learn and want to work in my brother's carpentry to help him and to develop his business.
The experience I gain from his carpentry is that his business is not running good. His Customers, staff and equipments are not in proper manner, I mean they are not in the proper managed way. I see there is no any system running on, and I really want to do something. I know some basics of carpentry I can make drawings in Auto CAD I can make designs. I can help him by computer and by help... He has no any accounting program in his carpentry. But he is gaining good income. Income without any accounting system.

I really need you guy's support to promote this business.

I tell you guys there is a lot of money in this Business and there is many opportunities in it. From small jobs to big projects. I really like to learn carpentry.

Pls. to whom i should contact to get support?
My mail address is. hamaddubai@Yahoo.com

We have a web site of our carpentry that is:

Waiting for your kind response.

Hamad Haji

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