Hammerstone Basic Carpentry School

by Lup udidnt
( Idaho)

Hammerstone basic carpentry school is in Puerto Rico helping out some of the survivors that were impacted in Hurricane Maria. They are lending a hand and giving out carpentry tips to some of the women

Hammerstone is a carpentry school for women in Trumansburg New York. In tragic times when there was nothing to lose and everything to gain, carpentry ends up becoming a topic one way or another.

I think this is a wonderful time for people in Puerto Rico to learn about carpentry and improve their basic carpentry skills in order to rebuild in the case of another storm that comes and hit their Island.

This is a time where framing homes can and will be a necessity many falling trees will have damage the framing of homes. 

Window replacements will be another skill that can be taught many windows are busted through the heavy winds. Doors needs to be repaired Roofing will need to be repaired as well as a whole host of other things 

I am aware that Carpenter Across America have rushed to the aid to help rebuild Puerto Rico and other islands and it is important to demonstrate love for your fellow brothers and sisters across the Earth let's continue to love each other and keep On Keepin On.

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