Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters

by Jereme Green
(Plainfield NJ)

St.Claire Regional Medical Center is in the spotlight because they are not supporting the economy in a proper way by paying Carpenters proper hourly wage four building the hospital.

In many instances across the u.s. politicians and construction workers that are interested in building hospitals and other types of commercial buildings and projects try to cut Corners by hiring cheap labor which is not fair to the people that live in the area that are a master at their craft.

A sales pitch is that I hear often is, this new construction carpentry job will bring XY and Z jobs to the area we will employ people and they will be able to support their families. That is the normal sales pitch in the meantime the person that is giving the sales pitch goes back on their word by hiring contractors that do not pay benefits and they do not support the standard wage of construction in the area which in return harms the area instead of building it up.
Every state has a particular wage that the Carpenters and different trades should be getting paid especially on a commercial level.

In an economy that is rising and developing into a better one there is no excuse for contractors to trying to cut Corners by hiring cheap labor and harming not only the area but harming America in general by supporting the ethical practices of paying their employees with bread crumbs instead of bread.

I encourage everyone to continue to support your union and join if you have not already make the union stronger. This is the American way and the only way that America can survive it's by mutual ethical practices that supports other Carpenters this is Jereme Green and I will see you on the next page thank you for reading

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