Jesus The Carpenter

I see it everywhere Jesus the carpenter, but is Jesus a carpenter? This question raises allot of peoples eyebrow. Most people just assume that he is because that is what they are told and taught. Most people never bother to do the research for themselves. And if he was a carpenter what did he build, how did he build it, who did he build it for? What tools did he use?

I do believe that Jesus was a carpenter because his earthly father Joseph was a carpenter. Traditionally in the days that Jesus walked the earth physically, fathers would teach their sons everything that they knew.

For example if the father was a fisherman all his life and he had a son, it was common for the father to teach the son how to fish. Or the son would at least be a fishermen’s helper. In knowing this we can assume that Jesus was listening to his father (Joseph) and did carpentry work. I don’t know what they built or what tools they used I can imagine they used some handsaws and chisels.

There are also some scriptures in the bible that indicates that Jesus may have been a mason that lays stones down. One thing is for certain that Jesus is the son of God and if he was a carpenter than he was the best carpenter known to man. Facts and theories such as these only prove that carpentry is the king of trades.

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