Jobs In Carpentry

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There are jobs in carpentry that take skill and others that take strength. The ones that take skill are jobs like framing sheetrocking and trim you cant just learn these jobs over night it takes normally years to be a expert in these categories.

If you know how to read the ruler you can always be a cut man the cut man usually just cuts material for the carpenter and hand it to them. That’s it; there is not much skill in this job. But there are two things you have to be good at measurements and cutting. If you are not then you will never make it.

Another job in carpentry that doesn’t take much skill in carpentry is scaffolding. You don’t even need a tool belt for this part of the trade. Putting scaffolding does require safety strength and good balance. The only carpentry tools that you will need are a hammer and wrench.

The jobs that take the most skill in carpentry are framing and trim. Framing because there is so much to frame such as walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs this part in carpentry is well respected. Trim takes time and precise cuts in the work its nice because there is not real heavy lifting but there is a lot to learn and measurements are crucial. They must be exact More On Jobs In Carpentry

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