Laminate Flooring

Installing laminate flooring is basic carpentry work as well.You can buy flooring that resembles any of the number of more expensive flooring materials from exotic woods to stone. Laminates are light, strong, durable, and easy to install. And because laminate planks are to or three times wider than the natural materials they resemble, you can cover a lot of floor in a short time.

Most of the materials are designed to snap together without glue or nails.(Some brands can be glued).These floors float which means they are not attached to a subfloor.

Instead laminates lay on foam underlayment, which makes the flooring easier to install.The subfloor must still be smooth and level, but the foam underlayment makes the flooring more forgiving of smaal subfloor imperfections.

Carpenters then install the underlayment it comes in green or blue plastic foam that rolls over the subfloor. Rubber-backed underlayment is more expensive but it makes the floor more resilent and also more comfotable. Some lasminate packs now come with underlayment already attached to the back.

If you're installing over a concrete slab in a basement or in any other place where moisture might be a problem, you will need some kind of waterproofing membrane under the foam. Flooring is a big part in carpentry that most people tend to forget about untill they have ugly floors.

Laminate Flooring

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