Benefits of Light Carpentry

Ready to do light carpentry work

Light carpentry has many benefits that most people do not realize. Some carpenters only do light work carpentry like building birdhouses or build small cabinets.

There are a crazy amount of benefits that a carpenter can get in doing light work. Such as building a birdhouse or a small cabinet requires no heavy lifting. No heavy lifting less your chances of getting hurt and. Another benefit is at the end of the day you will have energy to do what you really want to do instead of being worn down if you were doing major carpentry.

Light work carpentry in the long run will help your body. You will get less muscle cramps, aches and pains. Also someone with injured back can still do carpentry work. There was a time in my life when I dislocated my shoulder; the Doc told my employer that I could only pick up 20 pounds max within a three-month period. The contractor gave me plenty of light tasks jobs to do.

I did not get to build birdhouses but I did get to insulate an entire building. The building was huge and the insulation was itchy, I must of insulated for at least three months straight or more.

In conclusion if you are hurt injured or you just want to save some years on your life then light work carpentry is just for you.

More Benifits in Light Carpentry Work

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