Make Magic From Logs

by Justin Ngida
(Jinja, Kampala ,Uganda)

I was Looking at the nature of tree types, texture, colors and most of God given beauty of wood designed from one imagination to best satisfy our interest as humans.

Hi Justin Ngida
It’s Jereme Green

That is a profound statement; man has been using trees since the beginning of time. Carpenters use them to build houses, and make 2by4. Teachers use them in the classrooms for test and quizzes they need the paper.

We hide under trees to escape the hot sun. And we pick fruit off them to eat when we are hungry. Trees make the air fresh and they give the woodpeckers and owls homes to live in.

I burn logs in the fireplace to stay warm in the winter. This year I found allot of wood on the side of the road I cut them into logs and I will throw them in the fire place this year. The wood helps me save on my heating bill.

Without trees carpenters would have no work. And the human race would not exist. Trees truly serve a multitude of purposes that benefits Gods Kingdom on earth.

Indeed from the imagination of God trees are truly a blessing to man and everything else in this world I am filled with Joy when someone from Uganda decides to contact me and tell the story how about God and how he made the trees for us. Thank you for being a blessing.

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