Modern Carpentry

Modern carpentry has its pros and cons. People are building electronics and different gadgets that are energy efficient for the household. But what people fail to realize is that the way the house is designed and built plays a big role in saving energy.

There are great things about today’s carpentry and the way they are building houses such as vinyl siding underneath the vinyl is a thin coat of insulation that helps keep the temperature controlled in the house. My parents have noticed a nice decline in the energy bill because they had their vinyl siding put on.

The windows that are being put in the newer homes also are energy efficient. They come with a tint on them that help reduce the amount of sunlight in the house. The windows close very tightly unlike the old style windows from back in the day.

Many people are upgrading to hardwood floors that gives the homes a nice look.

The cons that is in carpentry are the way the inside of the house is being designed and built. The cathedral ceilings look nice but they are a wasted space. I’m sure it takes a good amount of energy to heat or cool those cathedral ceilings that are in these modern homes of today. Cathedral ceilings may look good but they are not energy efficient.

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