More Window and Carpentry Tips

by Mr.500
(Plainfield NJ)

More window and carpentry tips. Before I start to make this webpage I just wanted to say Jereme I dont know you but I think you are a fantastic carpenter thank you for making this wcarpentry website. Large windows In the great houses of the Modern Movement, the architects took great trouble to carefully balance the solidity of the walls with the voids created by the large windows they favoured, as well as to introduce rhythms in the framing itself that give considerable aesthetic pleasure.

But soon, because this aesthetic geometry was badly misinterpreted, it became the fashion for almost every new house to incorporate large picture windows and patio doors, usually without any sense of composition.

The situation is not always beyond repair, however. A pergola, its horizontal framing set just over the window head and forward over a paved terrace, will help absorb large rear windows; at the front of the house, you can run trellising across the walls, up to the height of the door head, to disguise picture windows and then the whole effect can be softened by growing climbing shrubs over them (see Walls). If a window is introducing too much light louvred shutters can be inserted over one or more sections and painted to match the window frames.

More Window and Carpentry Tips Adding and altering windows If you need to provide more light inside the building, one option is to widen existing windows. Or consider adding extra windows at the side or back, rather than the front of the house. In either case, the important thing is to try not to disturb the balance of the main facade: the new windows should look as though they have been there as long as the house itself. Take care to match the pane sizes and proportions as closely as possible.

On the slightly larger size for panes if you can't match them exactly — over-small panes do tend to introduce a fussy note. If the new windows are the same sizes as the existing ones, take care to line up their heads and sills; otherwise, you should match up the head heights.
Dormers Dormers should match the framing pattern and glazing scale of the other windows.

If you want to diminish the impact of dormers, paint their frames and side panels to blend in with the roof colour, irrespective of the colour used for the windows below; a single colour above the gutter is not so distracted. However, the frames and woodwork of small traditional dormers always seem to look best if they are painted to match the other window frames in the house. Thanks for reading this page on More Window and Carpentry Tips.

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