National Guard Carpenters

by Daniel Brook
(New Jersey)

National Guard carpenters are also known as engineers. And the National Guard to my understanding there are many benefits that they have to offer when a person decides to join them. First of all you’re serving your country which is good all by itself. Secondly they have a position that is open right now in the state of New Jersey. The location is Tuckerton, New Jersey 08087. Anyone that joins the National Guard will develop carpentry skills and other skills you will develop skills you need for a rewarding civilian career while building and maintaining physical structures in the Army National Guard.

Most carpenters or engineers that get trained in the National Guard their responsibilities will involve heavy-duty carpentry such as working on bridges steel structures, fabrication erection, repair, maintenance and other structure assemblies.

You will earn while you learn get paid to learn is what they said. And their tuition assistance program helps if you have student loans. I believe that this is a wonderful opportunity for anyone that is looking to jump start a career in carpentry. It will look great on a resume, and most people love to hire people are soldiers were part of the National Guard. Any one that serves this country deserves some attention.

So if you are young man or a young woman that is about to graduate of high school and you do not know where to turn once you leave high school. Here is an option that you may want to consider. Becoming a carpenter for the New Jersey National Guard, they’re accepting people right now and I think that this is a wonderful opportunity for someone to take advantage. I hope that this information on National Guard Carpenters helps someone and I hope and am not writing this for nothing lol thank you.

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