New Jersey Carpentry

In New Jersey carpentry has been on the rise for the last two years or so. I have seen building after building being put up in the central New Jersey area and occupied.

The Commercial carpenters over the past couple of years have been doing well because of the amount of work in schools, hospitals, senior citizen buildings, banks, stores, malls, shopping centers, refineries, and multimillion dollar churches. Over the past couple of years but there has been a slow crawl of work due to the economy. There is a video and photo below of some carpentry work.

The above picture is a carpentry picture a senior citizen building being built in Plainfield NJ

For the residential carpenters, I see some houses being renovated in the area but not a substantial amount infact most people around here are trying to sell there home instead of building on it. Because of the economies slow growth. Two years ago people all over New Jersey were having houses rebuilt or renovated adding on extensions and having houses built from the ground up its amazing how fast everything changed.

Carpentry Work as of right now in Jersey is slow the jobs that are going on right now have few peop;e on them. The contractors are keeping a slim payroll in this slow economy maybe next month work will pick up. It always does anyway.

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