Patching Veneer And Wood

by Darrel Hicks
(Lazy Acres CA)

Patching veneer and wood here are some basic carpentry tips for all to enjoy. A tabletop or any other surface can be repaired by cutting out the damaged portion and replacing it with a piece of patch wood. Veneer squares suitable for patching are available from woodworking supply houses and some lumber suppliers. The most difficult step in patching is fitting the patch exactly to its bed, or grave. To patch veneer, use tracing paper to draw a pattern for the patch. Cut the patch and the grave simultaneously and make the cut on the margins of the pattern not directly on t he outline. To patch solid wood, begin by drawing and cutting a cardboard tern plate, or pattern. Cut the template large enough to extend beyond the damaged area on all sides. The template should have one of the shapes illustrated at right. First, trace the outline of the template over the damaged surface. Chisel the grave about half an inch deep just inside the outline. Then trace the template outline on the patch wood, being sure that t he grain will run parallel to that of the surface. Cut the patch with a saw it is slightly too large, sand it to fit; if small, cut another patch and glue down. Fill any hairline crevices with wood putty. Refinish the surface. More Patching veneer and wood tips

The best way to repair a large gouge in a solid surface is to patch the damaged area with a new pin of matching wood. A template is used as a pattern to cut both the patch and the bed, or grave, into which the patch glued. The fit should be exact,is rarely possible to find a piece Of paid wood whose grain perfectly matches the surface plait Line up the patch so that its grain runs parallel to that the surface; any dissimilarities are best obscured b angling the ends oh the patch into the main grain in one of the ways After the patch glued in place, strip and refinish the entire surface

I hope some of these carpentry tips helped someone I love this website and I just want to say Jereme Keep up the good work I want to see more videos on carpentry tips. Thanks for reading this page on patching veneer and wood

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