Portable Disc Sanders

by Mr.900
(New Jersey)

Portable disc sanders and polishers belong in the category of abrasive tools, but their functions are often misunderstood and unappreciated. While there is overlap in the functions of various sanding machines. those that use a disc to do the work have distinctive features and special applications. They are not substitutes for pad or belt sanders anymore than the latter tools can replace disc drivers.

Overall, as far as use and even appearance are concerned, it is the word 'disc' that supplies the clue to the major distinctions. There are various types of tools in this category and some confusion can result. For example, one tool that is designed for sanding can have a twin that is best used for polishing.

The units have the same specifications except for one critical factor. The disc sunder has a no-load speed of 4000 rpm; the disc polisher turns at 2000 rpm. Polishers operate at speeds that are less than sanders require for efficient abrading. The names of the tools may include 'disc sander, disc polisher, disc sander/polisher', or disc sander/grinder'.

A combination sander/polisher may otter a choice of speeds or it may have a single speed, in which case the speed would probably favor the polishing mode. This is logical since too much speed when polishing or buffing can cause burn marks.

New comers among disc polishers, simply called 'polishers' or 'buffer/polishers', offer unique work-actions. The one shown in has a random orbit action which, in a sense, simulates the motion of hand polishing. Another unit will have an elliptical action, also intended to move the pad about as you would move a cloth with your hand. These tools, which are strictly for polishing. may have two speeds; a low one, in the area of 1700 to 1900 rpm for applying wax, and a high one that might range from 1900 to 2400 rpm, for buffing and polishing.

The sander/grinder is always a heavy-duty tool. Speeds are generally high, running in the area of 5000 to 6000 rpm, and they have workhorse motors one, two, even three horsepower is not unusual. Accessories for these units, in addition to abrasive discs and grinding wheels, included. Thanks for reading visiting this website and reading this page on portable disc sanders

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