Portable Power Planes

by Mr.500
(Plainfield New Jersey)

Portable Power Planer

Portable Power Planer

Portable power planer is a very cool carpentry tool.Check out my cool information that I just thought about. Any woodworking chore that can be done with various types of hand planes including rabbeting planes can be done faster even better with a portable electric plane. Actually, these tools will also accomplish many of the jobs normally done on a jointer (some are called planer/jointers) or with a planer blade that is mounted on a table saw or radial arm saw. Many of the tools are real huskies, with an impressive depth of cut and the ability to smooth wide swaths in wood.

Others, like the block plane. While no less capable, are handled with a more tender touch. Being able to remove as much as 1/8 inch of wood in a single pass, as some of the tools can do, is impressive, but to me the products are intriguing because of how easily they can accomplish the minimum cut. Planing off see through shavings is no chore for any of them. Such control, for example. makes it less likely that you will make a costly or unsightly error when fitting house or cabinet doors. This applies especially at the top or bottom of the door where you are shaving end grain on the stiles. The minimum cut, plus the high rpm of the tool's cutters, do such jobs with negligible feathering and with far less chance of splitting. Actually, you have a choice of how you equip yourself for power planing.

The power plane is a tool in itself. It owns a built-in motor and removable cutter which might have the spiral configuration shown in, or a cutter head with replaceable blades, something like the arrangement found in jointers. The tool works in single-purpose fashion. It's a planer. The plane attachment is an accessory for a portable router. When the router is fitted in the accessory and equipped with a special cutter, it becomes a portable electric plane. A major difference between the true plane and the router/plane is that the former will usually have (not always) a top side motor, whereas the power source for the other hangs outboard. This calls for a little more control to keep the tool level when planing edges. Thanks for reading this page on the cool and awesome portable power planer.

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