Protect Basement Walls

by William Harris

Protect basement walls from moisture by sealing them with a waterproof masonry sealer. The sealer helps eliminate moisture from minor seepage. Waterproof masonry sealer products are sold in powder form and contain cement. These products must be mixed with water and applied to damp walls.

One way to protect basement walls is to start by cleaning the walls with household cleaner and a wire brush. Rinse the walls clean with water and a sponge. Mix the masonry sealer with water in a large container, following the manufacturer's instructions. Stir the mixture thoroughly with heavy-duty stirrer until it's thick and paste like. Using a stiff-bristled paintbrush, apply the sealer to the damp walls, making sure to cover the surface and any mortar joints in brick or block surfaces completely. Allow the sealer to dry, then apply a second coat over the first. Make sure that the sealer coverage is even and complete.
Tools: Wire brush, heavy-duty stirrer, stiff bristled paintbrush. Materials: Household cleaner, sponge, large container, waterproof masonry sealer.

Resurface masonry walls that have an abundance of cracks and fissures by adding, a layer of concrete coating. You'll need to fill any cracks or holes larger than 1/8" before applying the coating. Mix the coating by combining 1 part cement with 21/2 parts moist, loose mortar sand. Add water until it resembles a stiff plaster. Before applying the concrete coating, scrub the walls with a wire brush, then rinse them clean with a sponge and water.

While the walls are still wet, apply a 1/4"-thick coating of the mixture to the walls with a trowel. Allow the coating to dry slightly, then scratch the surface with the teeth on a paint roller cleaning tool. After 24 hours, apply a second coating. Wait another 24 hours, then mist the wall with water twice a day for three days.
TOOLS: Wire brush, sponge, concrete trowel, paint roller cleaning tool. Materials: Cement, mortar sand. Thanks for reading this page on how to protect basement walls more basic carpentry tips are underway.

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