Quality Carpentry

It's important to produce quality carpentry.In carpentry the better quality work there is the more money people will pay for your services.In other words the higher the quality the more the pay.In this competitive industry its vital that you do a good job because if you don't someone may take your place and you will be making a bad name for yourself and possibly out of a job.You want to avoid this and the best way that you can avoid a bad reputation is by strategic planning,good observation skills and being persistent.

A carpentry picture of frame work

The above photo is one of many walls that I framed and sheetrocked at Kean University in New Jersey also on the far right is a framed soffit that I also did.

I know carpenters who started out as a small carpentry business they made a good name for themselves, people trusted them to do a good work in a timely manor the carpenter came through as a result there next job would be bigger next job a little bigger before you now it, that same carpenter is making millions but its all through great carpentry work and strategic planning

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