Radiant Heat Flooring

The principle behind radiant heat flooring is simple instead of blowing hot air through a vent or pumping hot water to a base board radiator along the wall, radiant heat warms up the entire floor you are always directly above the heat source.

Its an energy efficiant system: In order for you to feel warm the system only needs to heat the floor up to about 85 degrees. Studies show that as a result your energy cost may be 25 to 50 percent lower.

You can get heat into the floor two ways: through pipes carrying hot water embedded in or directly above the floor or via electric mats also in or below the floor.

Each has its advantages Electric system is thinner as a result are good for retro fits. Some wires are designed to double as thermostats,simplifying installation. You neednt buy a seperate furnace, so the initail price is lower and no pipes will freeze or spring leaks.

Hot water is the standard for larger installations. Its generally more economical because the flow minutely controlled, this system provides heat in the right amount exactly when and were you need it.

Radiant Heat Flooring is cool. Learn the benifits on installing laminate wood flooring.

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