Random Carpentry And Home Tips

by Ronald Owens

Random Carpentry Tips

Seed Spout
Jammy Conoway of, South Carolina, sends this back-saving tip. Instead of kneeling to plant seeds next spring, cut a piece of electrical conduit or Y4-in. PVC pipe about 40 inches long. Then place the pipe where you want the seed to go and drop the seed into place.

• The Hole Story Here's another way to enlarge a hole that already has been bored with a hole saw. Take a hole saw that fits in the existing hole and install the larger diameter hole saw on the same mandrel. The smaller-diameter blade will serve as a guide for the larger one, keeping it centered on the original bore. Thanks to Howardof El Sobrante, California, for sharing this tip. lie says it works great when he needs to enlarge a hole in a door for a new lockset.

• Give It Your Awl
Marsha Arrow of, Hawaii, doesn't waste time drilling holes when installing plastic screw anchors. Instead: he wraps a piece of tape around a scratch awl to reflect the required diameter. Then he drives the awl into the drywall with a light tap. Marsha says his technique not only is faster, it's neater. There is virtually no drywall dust when you punch the hole with the tapered awl. The same can't be said for the traditional pre-drilling approach. The hole should be about 1A6 inch smaller than the thickest part of the screw anchor shank.
Coming Up Short

Here's a quick fix that Martin of Colleyville. Texas, sent in. While replacing a toilet in a newly remodeled bathroom, the anchor bolts were too short for the base of the new stool. Since they were embedded in concrete, replacing the bolts would have been a pain. Ken's solution was to secure the stool with a couple of T-nuts. But before he did, he bent the T-nut prongs up so they wouldn't scratch the toilet. This also gave him something to grip when tightening the nuts. Be sure. however, to install the decorative cap retainer before you install the T-nut

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