Random Carpentry Tips

by Randolf Scott
(New Orleans)

Random Carpentry Tips from fans of Carpentrypages.com

Don't Use Steel Wool with Water-Borne Finishes
The environmentally friendly water-borne finishes have become as good as the oil-based ones. But, if you're working on a project that you plan to finish with a water-borne varnish, don't use regular steel wool. Despite all the improvements in these formulas, water still rusts steel and you can get little rusts spots. Use stainless steel, brass or one of the new artificial steel wool pads. Lisa Everams Idaho

Using Urethane Foam When using cans of expanding urethane foam to seal between the hole opening and the finish frames of doors and windows, it is important to lay a bead of foam only on the inner or outer edge of the space. Even the low-expansion foams can produce enough pressure to bow in the door frames if the full depth of the space is filled. The space can be filled with the traditional fiberglass or with polyethylene foam caulking rope before the foam seal is applied at the inner edge. Allow the foam to set overnight. Use a mastic trowel as a saw to trim the foam flush with the interior finish and jamb.

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Water-Borne Varnishes Won't Darken Wood Color
Water-borne varnishes are remarkably clear—so clear, in fact, that they won't give a project a golden varnish color. That makes them ideal when re-varnishing a project that already is the right color. It also makes water-borne varnish a good choice when varnishing woods that are already dark, such as walnut, butternut, rosewood. ebony, wenge and purpleheart. Clint Eastwood, Minnesota

Remove Stick-On-Labels
Stick-on labels, used by merchants and manufacturers. are intended to be difficult to remove to deter theft. But when they're on a product you have bought, they can be difficult to remove without scratching the surface. Spray the label with oil-like cooking spray or the ever-handy WD-40. The light oil will usually loosen the label in a few minutes. When nothing else is available, you can even use vegetable oil or even spread the label with peanut butter. The natural peanut oil will do the job. Ben Orandago

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