Router Table Carpentry Tips

by Martin Laurance
(New Jersey)

Router table carpentry tips; You can purchase or make many different router-mounting jigs and accessories, but the most versatile is the router table. This device holds the router vertically beneath the work. The bit protrudes up through the table, as on a sharper. Simply rest the work on the table and guide it over the bit. There are many commercial router tables on the market, and several you can make from a kit. But you can easily make your own from scratch.

A homemade router table may be better in the long run — you can build it to fit your particular router and to suit the space available in your workshop. Or, if you don't have room for a stand-alone table, you can customize other fixtures that are already in your shop to hold a router. A workbench, a table saw, and a radial arm saw can do double-duty as a router table. When you use a router table, make sure that it's stable. If it isn't connected to a cabinet or other shop fixture, clamp it down to your workbench. You may want to add a dust collector — a simple shroud to vacuum the sawdust as you work. You may also want to install an electrical switch and outlet near the front of the table to turn the router on and off easily.

For a router table, consider mounting your router in a workbench or another shop fixture. This table saw incorporates a router mount in one of the table extensions. Not only does this provide a large work surface, but you can also use the table saw fence and miter gauge with the router. Thanks for this page on Router Table Carpentry Tips

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Router Table Carpentry Tips NEW
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