Scaffolding I Love It

by Duke Manor



Scaffolding I love it in basic carpentry. Throughout my career as a carpenter I realized how important scaffolding really is.

At the beginning I had to figure things out on my own scaffolding wasn't a area that I was familiar with but it wasn't until my ladder Parts in my career I realized how fun and lucrative scaffolding can be.

There are many structures that exist in the world today that have to be erected further and also repaired. And if it was not for a scaffold Builder some of the greatest monuments that we have today would not exist.

That's why I look at scaffolding as an art at times it's a carpentry skill it is a way of life because of the dangers that come with scaffolding as well.

For example people that know that they have to work over a hundred feet in the air no they need an adequate amount of sleep in order to perform and do their duties on their job to maintain that ideal state of success.

Sleep is important if the proper sleep is not given to a fellow Carpenter fatigue May set in. After fatigue comes complacency after complacency then an accident.

So what is important on every job even if you're working with power tools or just a hammer and a hand saw to get adequate sleep but I'm not here to talk about that.

Scaffolding is awesome but a this picture above is not so awesome. It looks kind of crazy it's just a picture of a lot of men that are doing twice more of the work then what really needs to be done. There may have been a way where they could have Place themselves on the building and passed up the material that way. If they had a strong rope they could have rigged the material up to the top floor.

If a rope was used a lot less man-hours would have been tied in the estimate.

Working in a commercial like atmosphere it is important to do the job safely strategically and efficiently. And the picture above it looks like they only used enough scaffolding to temporarily keep the men safe.

I can tell you right now it doesn't look right there are no cross bars there's a lot of material missing on the scaffolding and quite frankly I would not work on it if it was wobbling.

Unfortunately the men on the scaffold or just trying to do the right thing for the company but in return risking a lot in the process. They're just trying to keep a job I guess.

If the right supervisors calculate the proper amount of material to make the job safe as well as get the job done faster the job can be a success. It's all about preparation at times, thinking ahead, staging material in their proper locations. These are all great practices that can help carpentry jobs move in a more productive way.After reviewing this picture I also noticed that the craftsmanship is poor pertaining to the scaffolding pieces, parts are not level and they are not secure.

It looks like the workers are standing on pallets. I understand that this is possibly in India and this picture was taken a few years ago but it is a definitely a breathtaking piece of carpentry work.

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