“Become one with the sheetrock” is what I've been told in my carpentry training but that didn’t help me at all so I’m going to give you key points in carpentry that I learned over the years in sheetrocking. I made a step-by-step process just for you. You will need the right tools to do the job. Here are the tools you will need to get the job done.

TOOLS that you will need are utility knife, tape measure, keyhole saw, two foot Level, T Square, hammer, drywall gun, root zip (optional), circle cutter and a ladder MATERIAL


1 5/8 inch screws

"MARK YOUR BOARD" Take your tape measure out. Measure the middle of any studs that your board is going to be covering. Now transfer those measurements onto the board with your pencil. The purpose of this step is to let you know where you are going to put your screws.

"STAND YOUR BOARD UP" Pick your board up. Put in place where you are going to screw it. The beginning of the rock should be half on the stud. Have someone put the 2'Level on the factory edge or side of the board. Look at the level make sure the bubble is within the two lines. It’s just that easy you have leveled your board now you are ready to screw it!

"SCREW YOUR BOARD" While someone is holding the sheet level, picks up your screw gun. Put a screw in your reference mark at head level. Put a couple of screws in the bottom of the sheet. This is just to tack the board in place so it doesn’t move. Put ONE screw on the edge or joint of the board at head level as well. Do not put any more screws on the joints or the edge of the board just in the field. Screws should be twelve inches apart.

These are the tactics you use on your first board. Your second board is even easier. All you have to do is

1. Mark your second board

2. Stand it up

3. Screw it off completely

Cutting The Rock

For example lets say you need a piece at 5in by eight foot.

Pull your tape measure out. Put the 5inch mark that is on the tape put it on the edge of the rock. Put your index figure (which will be your guide) on the back of the tape and put your thumb on the five of the face of the tape.

Put your knife at the beginning of the tape and score (cut) the board. Using your index figure as a guide. SECRET-Once you have scored the face of the board. There is no reason to try keep cutting it sheetrock snaps easily once you cut the face of it

After cutting the board you want to snap it. Just hit or push the face of the board until it snaps once it snaps score the back of the board and just like that you have your 5in rip of sheetrock.

It takes a lot of carpentry training to truly master the art of rocking have fun on you journey,

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