Storage Room Tips

by Rhonda Olds

Storage room tips; Perhaps the has possibIe soluton to most people's storage problems would be to have a Mom in the home especially reserved for this purpose. The test candidates would be small roams not suitable for other was because of leek of natural light, perhaps. or Odd dimensions. If you are carrying out major alterations. convening an attic or basement or extending a house. consider creating a storage Mom as part of your overall planning.

When fitting out a room of this type remember you won't be entertaining guests there or using a place to relax, so make your priorities not the finish of the walls but the rooms capacity to hold objects. Offer an easy access to possessions and keep things in good condition. Make sure it is adequately ventilate weatherproof and has effective lighting. Nothing is more disheartening more than climbing into a freezing attic clutching a torch stepping carefully from joist to joist to avoid breaking through a ceiling below searching for ages for that long lost instruction manual to the food Mao, so You can complete the dinner, only to find a sodden mass of mining paper, ruined during a blizzard who, snow was blown into the roof $pace.

An attic or basement is not suitable unless converted. Fit the storage room to suit the tames will rota Use adjustable shelving and place Objects in wire baskets or other containers that are not too heavy to cony wfien Mark all containers ready so things can be found and always store objects That are used more regularly So that they are easy and immediately accessible. Furniture should he covered to Prevent damage in storage and Al breakable items should be packed in the same way as you would if moving home. If you have more space and the storage room is accessible, it could also be the ideal location for large items, such as a freezer or for storing tools and and other decorating equipment.

If the temperature is consistent, this could also be the place for storing wine, milk crates turned on that side provdes a cheap solution to wine racks. In addition, you can Store bulk purchases of items such as toilet rolls or washing powder. The room may become filled to the ceiling and Provide an excuse for never throwing anything away. Keeping clutter under control includes keeping storage space under control It will not be of great use if too folk since nothing all be accessible. Keep a note perhaps on the inside of the door, showing precisely what is stored in the loom and approximately here.

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