Table Saw Techniques

by Mr.900
(New Jersey)

Table Saw Techniques, Ripping long boards When rip-cutting boards that are longer than about 4 ft, you won't be able to begin the cut with your body next to the saw table. In these cases, first set up an out feed sup-port device behind the saw. Rest the front end of the board on the front edge of the saw table. Start the saw, move to the back of the board on the left-hand side and tilt it up, using the right- and left-hand positions for normal ripping. To start the rip, you'll want to keep the front edge of the board flat on the table as the blade engages it. However, this can be difficult to do when you're standing a few feet back from the saw.

To compensate, lift the back edge of the board higher than the saw table to plant the front edge of the board firmly against the table. Then begin the cut, lowering the board so it rests on the saw table and walking with the board as you feed it through the blade with your right hand.

Keep your eyes on the fence, and apply diagonal pressure with your hand so the board stays snug with ripping short boards Ripping short boards (less than 10 in. or so in length) can be hazardous, because you'll need to feed and support the wood close to the blade from start to finish. It can be tricky or impossible to work push sticks close enough in to the blade guard to guide the wood, so you may be inclined to remove the guard altogether, which will make short rips even more dangerous.

What's more, if your wood isn't longer than the blade, you'll complete the cut before the leading edge of the work piece is even past the blade. which renders the splinter useless. The best option is to try to make your rip cut from a longer piece of stock, then crosscut the shorter length you need from the longer-stock. This way you'll maintain full control over the work piece without compromising your safety. Thanks for reading this page on table saw techniques.

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