Table Saw Tips and Techniques

by Mr.900
(New Jersey )

Table Saw Tips and Techniques At times, ripping short lengths of stock is unavoidable. In these circumstances, the safest course of action is to make the rip cut with a short work piece immobilized in a crosscut sled. The advantage to using a sled in this situation is that you can hold the work piece steady instead of having to slide it along the saw table against the fence. Be sure to hold the work piece securely in the sled as you make the cut. Use a pushpad or pushstick as a hold-down if necessary, especially if your crosscut sled has no blade guard.

Ripping narrow work pieces Many woodworking projects will require you to rip strips of narrow stock into parts such as glass retainer strips, filler pieces or trim molding. If you have only one part to make, adjust the rip fence so the finished work piece is actually the part that falls away from the blade when you complete the cut. This way, you'll the wider part of the stock between the rip fence and the blade, which is safer for your hands and a steadier means of guiding the work piece than using a narrow push stick. If you need to rip a number of identical strips of narrow stock, the procedure to use will depend on how wide the final work pieces need to be. If you can set the fence far enough from the blade to fit a pushstick in between, then set up your rip cuts so the "inside" piece.

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