Takenaka Carpentry Tool Museum

by We Ja Chang
(Eyewitness News)

Takenaka Carpentry Tool Museum; I believe that a carpentry tool museum is a very cool idea. In this Museum over 20,000 instrument and carpentry Tools are on display. This museum is located somewhere in Japan.

I believe that in the near future we are going to see more museums like this because there are plenty of carpentry tools that people own. And even though the carpentry tool is outdated I find it very hard to get rid of the tools because of the historical past that the tool holds.

Some carpentry tools have become obsolete but there is always that what if Factor that plays on the psyche. I find it hard to get rid of tools particularly old ones that are hard to find.

This is why I believe that a carpentry tool museum is a very cool idea I think I might start one myself. So shout out to the Japanese people in Japan that are really into preserving the history and the culture of carpentry work.

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