Trellis is a Great Basic Carpentry Project

by Tom Norkenhiem
(New Jersy)

Trellis is a great basic carpentry project for the spring time. If you are carpenter looking for a carpentry project to build in the springtime something that you can Mass produce or build yourself at home this Trellis is possibly for you.

Vines and plants love to Blossom during the Spring and we love to watch them grow as they climb on different bars and sticks with this freestanding trellis you can watch vines grow take pictures put them on social media as plants grow on your very own free-standing trellis.

Obviously this can be just a rough sketch you don't have to build everything exactly like it is they sell a lot of these components in Home Depot or Lowe's things such as plywood two-by-fours Nails saw and some type of material for the Vines to climb up.

If you have extra wood sitting around the backyard this is a great way to use it also you may want to build a flower box for your plants to go in as well and watch them climb freely and frequently people will love it's a showpiece. More importantly you will love it to watch your carpentry project being used by Mother Nature to assist in growing must be a pleasure.

Once the carpentry project is done and complete save all of your measurements and notes that you've used because you may want to build it again write down some of the pros and cons of the project to ensure that next time when you build it it will become even more easier than the last
Houseplants cucumbers , grapes strawberries many different Vine growing vegetables this is a great way to grow them.

Yes a carpenter's work is never done. He loves to see his work being used in the way that he created it keep building America and around the world. I do believe the carpentry skills that is required a basic level. The trellis is a great idea for mothers day gift.

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