Truro College Student Jack Won The Carpentry Apprentice of the Year

by Jereme Green
(Plainfield NJ)

Jack Carpentry Apprentice Of The Year

Jack Carpentry Apprentice Of The Year

Truro College Student Jack won The Carpentry Apprentice of the Year award and I want to congratulate you here on he goes to a carpentry College somewhere overseas.

I believe that it is not easy obviously to win and competitions. But when you have a lot of experience in the field. And you are consistently trying to find a more productive and conventional way about doing carpentry work

I believe that anyone can become a winner as long as you are consistently trying to improve yourself
Planning ahead and understanding exactly what needs to be done and the time frame that should be done is being in the zone. And I believe in a carpentry contest that is where your mind has to be in order to achieve the title of carpenter of the year.

For myself I have had different contests on job sites but not necessarily a contest against different Carpenters that will lead up to an award or a title. So again congratulations to Jack Who is the Apprentice Carpenter of the year.

If you have the desire of holding a title like this my suggestion is to work and consistently try to improve yourself this is jereme Green from carpentry thank you for reading and stay tuned how much more carpentry information on the way.

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