Unemployed In Carpentry

I can describe being unemployed in carpentry in one word "sucks." There is nothing cool about being unemployed in basic carpentry for a long time. I know how it is looking at your kids feeling like you should be doing more for them. Guilt anger and frustration can fill your heart while being unemployed.

Sure it’s cool not working for a few weeks maybe even a month. Everyone needs time off of work. I enjoy my time off by traveling, and spending time with the family. But no carpentry work for 3-4 months is rough, particularly to those who have families.

That’s why it is important for every carpenter to be responsible with your money and the way you spend it. A big mistake that carpenters make is basing their income life on what they make while working. And not considering what happens if they are not working.

Working steady for a carpentry job for a couple of years can be a great thin but just because times are great doesn’t mean that you should buy a big truck with big payments.

Carpenters have to be pros on managing their money because we don’t work al year around. One year we can make 80 thousand dollars and the next year only 40 thousand it’s just that simple. Being in this carpentry career can be fun and adventurous and also unpredictable so all carpenters beware of your surroundings.

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