Union Carpenters In Ohio

by Antonio Russo
(Columbus, Ohio,USA)

My name is Antonio Russo and I am a union carpenter that lives in Ohio. Right now there is bill being passed that takes away the unions freedoms in this country. The bill that is being passed in Ohio right now says that unions will not have the right to bargain. To me this is ridiculous and the country should be outraged. There has got be other ways to fix the economic mess besides attacking peoples rights. The bankers and the brokers are the ones responsible for the mess that the economy is in. They bankers and the brokers should have their bargaining rights taken. It’s in the bible an eye for an eye.

It is the principal of the matter that sends chills down my spine. Middle class people including carpenters are loosing their rights in the United States of America in order to improve the quality of life for others. This is not acceptable in my carpenter eyes.

I am a member of the carpenters union and I wanted change in America, but not this kind of change. I hope that the union carpenters across America and Canada will continue to help fight the battle against people that are anti-union. Because there is allot of them. I am 42 years old and I have been in the carpenters union for 13 years and things just keep getting worst. Me and other union carpenters have helped protest this bill by holding up signs in front of the state capital but it wasn’t good enough we failed. It looks like we are going to keep losing ground; the middle class is dying off slowly. Anyone reading this information I wanted to tell you that it is your turn now to fight this battle. It looks like we lost it in Ohio. We lost our rights that we have fought for, and the rich do not care. Thank you carpentrypages.com for letting me express myself on your basic carpentry website.

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Mar 18, 2013
That's that shit I don't like
by: Chief keef

Union til I die bitch

Jan 14, 2012

Do you realize how much damage your union does to this country? Tax payers fund 90% of your state employee retirement why when they have to pay their own, states are going broke from this practice put more of a burden on the tax payers that is the union way!!!!!! How much of your union dues go to political purposes do you know probably not. The people of this country need to take a stand and pass laws prohibiting collective bargaining right or the government will suck you dry to pay for handouts to all these lazy people it makes me sick to see a bunch of misinformed people trying to destroy the AMERICAN DREAM. STAND UP AND FIGHT OR SHUT UP.

Apr 17, 2011
Stop the unions
by: John

You are leechs on the backs of tax payers the poor man has always payed for the unions. I am sorry free trade stopes that say goodbye to your hold on North America your day are now numbered.

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