Union Carpenters Support Phone Prank Call On Scott Walker

by Jim Dugan

I am an union carpenter that lives in Wisconsin this Scott Walker is a trouble maker. His goal is to destroy the unions in America. All we ask for is our bargaining rights and they want to take that away. We just want to bargain in an organized way and this man is determined to break our rights. This fight is not about money or benefits it's about our carpentry rights. This bill declares war on the middle class in the United States Of America.

We also know that the only reason why Republicans are in favor of this ridiculous bill is to try to give a huge blow to the democrats. Because most of the democrats funding is funded by unions.

I am very happy that this phone prank was a successful I hope it puts him in hot water for the things that he said. At specially when he talks about how he thought of planning attacks on innocent people. I stood in the crowd and protested this bill with my children. I believe that Scott Walker should step down and the Republicans should throw in the towel.

This bill will hurt hard working folks. I hopeful that the rights of all workers will continued to be protected.

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Aug 27, 2015
great comments NEW
by: Goeian

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Jan 16, 2013
The Carpenters Union leadership supported Scott Walker NEW
by: Anonymous

Just an FYI, your "Union" or the McCarron family money machine supported Gov Walker and now is allowing the UBC to be used as a photo op for his own publicity machine.
GOP star, unions find common ground

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