Union Carpenters That Are Outside Wisconsin Capital

by Curtis Eadger
(Madison, Wisconsin,USA)

To all the Union Carpenters That Are Outside Wisconsin Capital we are going to continue to fight. Scott Walker is denying thousands of Wisconsin tax paying residents there constitutional rights by not letting them enter the state capital. On Saturday over 100 thousand people gathered in front of the capital. I was one of them, there were fire fighters, police officers, doctors, lawyers and farmers, union carpenters people from all walks of life including Canadians that were protesting against Scott Walkers bill to end union bargaining rights. I am a union carpenter in the state of Wisconsin and I believe that every union not just ours should have the right to bargain.

We need a union revolution, now is the time when unions have to start getting together and stand up for what they truly believe in, the American dream. If we let Scott Walker get his way, we will all be doomed. The middle class will become the lower class and the lower class will just be homeless. If there are no unions then there is no middle class.

I just want to say "Fight On" to all my brothers in the carpenters union and all the unions around the world we are going to be protesting outside this capital everyday until they get the point that we mean business. United We Stand and divided we fall. And we are going to stand. And we are going to get what we came for, the right to bargain. And no one is going to take that away from us. There is a group of union carpenters that are outside the capital of Wisconsin and we are not going to give up. We come in peace and we are going to leave in peace.

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