Union Organization for Social Services

by Jereme Green
(Plainfield New Jersey)

John Hollis

John Hollis

Union Organization for Social Services is a organization that helps Aid and makes sure City residents benefit from the construction jobs and carpentry projects all over the city of Camden New Jersey.

Hi everybody I am Jereme Green I am a member of the Northeast Carpenters Union Local 254. Once a member of the Carpenters Union Local 155 in Union County New Jersey. I thought that this was a positive upbeat story. It's been on my heart to talk about how important it is to support unions and the importance of a Union

I just read an article about a young man named John Hollis who is 37 years old he has 3 kids and he is right now an apprentice in the laborers union due to the Union Organization for Social Services.

Camden County Freeholder Jonathan Young who is also on the board of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters said despite Decades of unfulfilled promises for Camden residence there is a concerted effort to make sure economic growth makes its way to those who need it most.

I believe with programs like this will only be beneficial to all unions because more people will support the unions and more Avenues will be given to those that would like to support their local unions. People that have access or are seeking access will only make the union stronger. Just an opinion though

I am in support of pre-apprenticeship programs and other programs abroad that can and will help inner-city youth to achieve the American dream. I was once one of them and because of programs like this I am who I am today.

For me this is just one of the reasons why I am proud to be a union carpenter and a member of local 254. I believe that it's in the hearts of all union workers to be able to have the opportunity two work on a construction job that is close to home. It is also in the hearts of many carpenters and construction workers, the American dream to work on a job that pays proper wages.

The older that I get the more I am reminded that there are many people out there that are looking forward to cheating their employees out of a fair wage in order to get ahead.

There are people out there nonunion contractors that are trying to cut Corners in order to get ahead. When Corners are cut at the employee's expense accidents happen,families are hurt, lives can be lost and destroyed.

Union Building Trades such as the Carpenters Union the laborers union pipefitters Union the electrician's union, painters union, and all other types of Unions help to level the playing field. They are here so that everyone gets a share of the pie which is the American dream. They create safer work conditions and promote OSHA standards.

One thing that I do love about the Union is the person next to you is making hourly the same amount of money as you are.

This helps, but there are people out there make no mistake about it that do not like this idea. And would like for one worker to be making $10 an hour, while the other worker sitting next to him doing the same carpentry job on the same amount of years making $5 an hour.

We As Americans cannot allow this to happen that's why I say support your local Labour unions such as the carpenters union and so on because they are the ones that are helping make America great again. An honest wage for an honest day's pay. With safe working conditions.

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