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Union carpenters are the elite in carpentry because of there dedication to excellent work and performance. They are trained well, by going to a carpenter school and do not graduate until all their requirements of graduating have been fulfilled. Once the carpenter gradutates from the school they are then called journeyman.

The carpenters union is very organized its one of the most organized unions in the world. The union stretched all across the United States and Canada. They are also very involved in politics for all kinds of elections from governors, mayors, city officials, and of coarse the president of U.S.A. There is power in numbers, which makes union members very powerful people.

They are also known for not just their quality of work but also how fast they get the job done. I have seen some nonunion carpentry contractors hire lousy carpenters and take twice as long that it should take to get the job done. Carpenters that members to the union also are permitted to work anywhere in the US and Canada.

I am a proud member of the carpenters union and I love it. It is exciting to be able to go to many different carpentry jobs and tackel various obstacles. I can sit down for hours and talk about my expierances that I have in the union that will amaze anyone. For me everyday is a adventure, in this business no work is promised every carpenter does not know when he or she may get laid. In some cases I have seen peoples first dayon the job ended up being there last. As a result I take things day by day and step by step.

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