Upholstery Tips

by Kim Loins
(New York)

Upholstery Tips; There are three basic types of upholstered furniture: furniture with pad seats, furniture with spring seats, and overstuffed furniture. Pad seats consist of a firm base (either solid or webbed) and a cushion. Spring seats employ a foundation of webbing, which is tacked to the frame to support the springs; the springs are stitched or clipped to the webbing. Over-stuffed furniture may have springs in both the seat and back; it may also have springs sewn into the cushions.

The above features may be found in a variety of combinations. If you are replacing only the cover, you will need muslin for the undercover, cotton batting and glazed cotton as stuffing, and a cover fabric. When doing more extensive jobs, save the old materials as you strip them from the furniture. You may be able to use them again; cover pieces will serve as patterns to cut the new pieces. Webbing, burlap, springs, stitching twine, tacks, and stuffing materials—including rubberized hair or foam, loose hair, cotton batting, and glazed cotton—are available at upholstery supply houses and many hardware stores. A step called baste-tacking is used to temporarily hold a material to the frame.

Drive the tacks in only halfway so that they can be easily removed to make adjustments. First, center the material on the frame and secure it with a tack in the middle of each rail. Baste-tack from the middle out to each corner. Once the material is correctly positioned, do the final tacking. Thanks for reading this page on Upholstery Tips

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