Vocational Carpenter Apprentices in Ormstown Chateauguay

by Jereme Green
(Plainfield NJ)

In a project called Habitat for Humanity there has been a carpenter / Apprentice program that has developed and is making a lot of people happy.

According to an article that I have read and also other reliable sources young students are learning carpentry skills that will carry them into a career as a carpenter. Some of the future Builders of America are being trained. To work on houses and homes from new construction to repairs. Volunteers will put the finishing touches on a four-bedroom semi-detached home throughout the spring and they should be ready for occupancy this summer.

So I just wanted to say my hat's off and a big shout out to the vocational students in Ormstown in Chateauguay Valley in Canada. There is a great future in the world of carpentry there is so much that can be done. And it's a great way to express yourself and so many different forms. Enjoy the life while you're still young and keep on building.

I do believe that vocational training is one of the key answers in not just Canada but also America. Vocational schools and training is vital to Children's and young adults training when it comes to learning how to become a journeyman various trades that they are pursuing.
If it wasn't for vocational schools or vocational training I would not be where I am today. So if you are living in a town and you do not have vocational schools. Or the vocational training is limited. You may want to speak up because the future is at stake for good carpenters and people alike. Pipefitters, plumbers, auto mechanics, laborers, Mason's, and Accenture.

In this crazy mixed-up world that we live in not everyone is built for college not everyone is built to sit behind a desk and a computer you have those that want to swing hammers. Used nail guns comma drills, saws. I know that's what I love to do period it's my calling.

Until next time Carpenters journeyman apprentices and people of the trade visit carpentry Pages for more updates thank you for reading peace.

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